Interested business representatives will soon be able to apply for an Occupational Health and Safety training accounting pandemic specifications.
The training will expand on the ways in which workers and business managers should behave according to the measures and the best hygienic and distance practices, starting from the moment they leave for work until after they finish it.
These trainings will be conducted by a local expert licensed by the Labor Inspectorate and the Emergency Management Agency for workplace risk assessment – in which COVID-19 is already being included.


  • The main purpose of the training is to inform the representatives on the new measures and safe practices. This training will be free and accessible to all interested businesses.
  • After training completion, the participants will receive a certificate of participation, a sticker indicating the completion of the training to be placed on the business’ entrance door, and the QR code sticker. By scanning the QR code, customers will have the opportunity to see in one place all the latest measures around COVID-19 in order to feel safe in that business environment.
To encourage greater adherence to the measures, businesses that will be identified as a good role model or share their pandemic management experiences with the project partners, will be promoted through success stories in a biweekly newsletter informing about updates on the measures or web content. We believe this would foster a positive competition between businesses and their interest in attending the training.